capturing motion

Photography has been something really cool that I’ve been exploring for the past few months, and these are a few photos that I’ve been wanting to share! All pictures were taken on a Canon SLR, and I’ll be giving credit to the respective photographers.

Some are ones that I’ve taken, while others are some that have been taken of me.  Either way, I’m a fan of all of them.

The first is this gorgeous shot of my friend Barb caught in low light, and this is one of my favorites, and the next two are my shots too.


The picture below was caught backstage, and the flash captured the different ladders really nicely.


This picture below is definitely cool, because it captures my friend Vince slightly behind the curtain.  This is called shallow depth of field, a technique I learned about in my photography class, and it’s controlled using aperture.

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top 5 diy secret santa ideas

searching for a last-minute secret santa gift? you’ve come to the right place.

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this post will offer seven different do-it-yourself ideas that are super cute and affordable, and range from very personal to i-barely-know-you-but-here’s-a-cute-gift.  whether you get a random person that you barely know, or one of your closest friends, there’s something for everyone on this list!

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note: some of these are more of a joke than a gift, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it!

1. instant hot chocolate

mm, i love hot chocolate and one trending gift these days is instant hot chocolate on a spoon/stick.  how easy is that? even if you don’t have a gift for culinary things, anyone can figure this one out.

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guacamole recipe

after nineteen hours of driving to and all over virginia, life seems to lose a little meaning, just because of how incredibly bored you can get in the car.  anyway, all that driving was definitely worth it because virginia was a blast!!

but it’s definitely great to be back home, and to have a legitimate home cooked meal.  after eating out for so many days, it felt really good.

before we left, we made some food to bring with us.  one of the first things that my sister and i did before we left was to make guacamole.  i’m a big fan of guacamole, and even though it’s not everyone’s taste, it’s one of my favorite go-to snacks.



3-4 haas avacados, split in half

1-2 limes

1/2 onion, to be diced

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eleanor and park book review

hello my fellow readers!

eleanor and park by rainbow rowell is one of the best books i’ve read this summer, and i’m so excited to share it with you!


so what’s this story about?

this story revolves around eleanor and park (wow, that was sort of self-explanatory) and their growing high school love.

eleanor’s the awkward new kid that comes to a new school during the middle of the year and is stuck standing on the bus with no seat…that is, until someone begrudgingly moves over — and that person is park.

even though they begin as strangers, they begin to grow and become friends…and then something more? it’s not the perfect love story by far, but in my opinion, it’s better that way.

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september struggles

as i’ve been mentioning often lately, i’m going to a new school this september – bergen academies. i’ve been talking about it a lot, and i know it’s probably getting on your nerves but you’ll just have to stick it out for one more post – sorry.

okay, so if you don’t know anything about the school i’m going to, let’s just say it has an extremely vigorous academic program – and that’s an understatement.  the academics are pretty tough, not to mention that everyone there got in by an intense selection process. my school day starts at 6:30 am when the bus comes to pick me up, and ends at around 5:30 pm when the bus drops me off.  that’s almost a twelve hour workday — not an easy load.  i don’t think most adults work that long…alright.

(that picture above is literally me, by the way.)

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cannoli dip recipe

there’s a famous quote that says: “life is short — eat dessert first”.

and that is exactly what i plan to do, because dessert is a wonderful thing. so this is one of the easiest and tastiest recipes i’ve found. it’s basically the equivalent of a cannoli — but deconstructed.


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madeleines recipe

hey everyone,

i thought i would share one of my all time favorites, madeleines! my mom and i bake often, and we’ve made all sorts of cookies and decorations but this one is a classic.

madeleines – a french butter cake basically, and they’re scalloped on one side, with the edges.  the pan is needed to bake these are made especially for madeleines, and the shell shape is what makes the madeleine so recognizable.  underneath is the recipe that i use for my madeleines:

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just me


pc: kate lee

so yes, this would be me.

i didn’t take this picture, so proper picture creds go to my sister.  she finally agreed to take a few shots of me sitting on the steps outside of my apartment.  im hoping to post more photos that ill take myself in the future, so stay posted!

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