acceptance awareness

hey there!

no matter where we are in the world, one constant thing that we see lacking is acceptance.  whether it’s in regards to religion, race, or maybe just you.

in an effort to raise awareness about acceptance, i’ve joined in collaboration with a few others to start a blog on acceptance.  as of this moment, we’ve been focusing on accepting yourself, so it looks a bit like an inspiration blog.  nonetheless, it’s casual, funny, and uplifting whenever you need a smile.

so if you don’t mind, please check out to support acceptance all around the world:)

every person that clicks on the link is supporting this amazing cause and is changing the world, one click at a time.  thanks everyone!



aspire to inspire // 3

hello hello,

after a lot of thinking and deliberating and, to be honest, procrastinating, i decided on my third ‘aspire to inspire’ post, and i’m going to keep it pretty short.

i’m devoting this post to all of the people out there who need someone to talk to.  more than anyone, i know exactly how it feels to just be alone in the world, feeling as if no one will understand or that no one really care.

my email’s on the bottom and please comment if you need just someone to talk to!!

– jennifer:)

ps: i know a few people who are starting their own blog, so be sure to look out for theirs when it comes out! i’ll be posting again to remind everyone to subscribe to them, but i’m really looking forward to their release.


three resolutions

december 13, 2015

after over three months of being totally inactive, im back!! after all this time, i honestly doubt that anyone’s reading this but no matter!

apologies for the lack of posts — high school’s proven to be much more stressful than I anticipated..trimester 1 just ended and i’m beginning to realize i have my work cut out for me.

nonetheless, im here now, and after meeting some new and amazing people during these past few months at my new school, i’ve been inspired to try a few new things.  of course, i’ll start small.  but let’s see how it goes.  if there’s anything I learned, it’s to start small and to grow.

so here are my three simple new resolutions that hopefully i’ll keep up with until december 31st!

  1. end the year with a higher GPA than last trimester (yes, me being the nerd that has to start with school-related topics)
  2. do some type of exercise every day (this is going to be hard, but can’t hurt to try..)
  3. smile as often as possible:)) i want to be positive the next few days, no matter what goes on

It’s great to be active again, and I really hope my three resolutions stick!

’til next time,




aspire to inspire // 2

welcome back :))

i’m really sorry i missed my second monday in the series! (i know, i’m sorry!)

ok, so for my second aspire to inspire post, i wanted to talk about words.

in the harry potter series, dumbledore says:

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

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this i believe // part I

is it possible to have blogger’s block? i’ve been blogging for less than a month, so this is a little sad, but hey, i’m still writing!

anyway, i haven’t blogging for a few days now, mainly because i had almost no ideas.  but here i am, and i ended up typing up a post that i was saving for later — it’s a bit premature, so i decided to make two parts.


for my summer assignment, i was told to write an essay about what i believe.  it’s a project known as “this i believe”, that started in npr.  (click here to check out the national public radio website)

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goals for myself

hey everyone, happy last day of july!

today, i want to discuss numbers. not just any numbers — fractions.

tomorrow marks the start of a new month: august.  at the end of august, the year is 8/12 over. simplify the fraction, and that means 2/3 of 2015 is over by the end of this month.

(i’m a math geek, i know.  it’s best to just accept it at this point and go with it.)

before going on with 2015, i thought i would share my hopes, goals, and dreams for the future.

the following includes my Top 7 Goals for Myself list, which is a list more geared toward what i want to be as a person and how i want to change myself in the next few years to come.

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aspire to inspire // 1

hey everyone!

i’ve decided to start up my own series, Aspire to Inspire.  even though i originally wanted to post on a weekly basis, i figured it would be a little easier to post on a slightly erratic routine (just because life sometimes gets in the way of things :/)

anyone can copy and paste quotes from google and write a short excerpt, but to actually write something that has meaning not only to the writer AND the readers — that’s special. i’m really hoping that mine will be like that, so fingers crossed :)

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list of lists

lists are a beautiful thing – they put all your thoughts into one single place. i started out this summer by making more lists than you could imagine. i found it strangely calming. (fun fact about moi: i’m probably one of the most stressed out people you will ever meet – but hey, i’m working on it)

now, as the very stressed student that i am, i have a packet of lists on my desk. they vary from my dreams and goals list (hint hint: upcoming blog post?) to the movies i want to see list. so to start off my lists, i figured i would share my list of lists.

the following list consists of 15 lists that will make your life a little less chaotic.  this is my go to list, because this is where i get inspiration for all my other lists.  so i figured, why not start with this one?

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