hey! welcome to They Call Me Jenni!

my name’s jennifer, and this is my corner of the universe.

now, i’m a freshman attending bergen academies, and im just trying to find my way in the world.  i’m a violinist, and i also love to read; i’m into science and research, and anything to do with learning.  sounds a bit like the typical nerd that goes to the typical nerd school, but it’s true.

everyone thinks i’m too young to be making a blog, but honestly, a blog is the one corner of the universe where you can be yourself, and i think anyone can do that.

after being inspired by other people sharing their life through blogging, i created this one, not only to share my own personal life, but also my passion for writing, food, photography, the arts, and more.

i’m so excited that you’re here reading my blog! in the end, i hope that by going on my blog, you can see the world through my lens.



42 thoughts on “about

  1. Zovesta says:

    You’re only 13? You seem much older and more mature! You’re so ambitious, that’s wonderful. =) Remember to enjoy life…! Science is pretty fun, it’s so much fun to learn new things.

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  2. Elm says:

    Hi! I’d just like to say that I think your blog is wonderful :) And no one should EVER say you’re too young for a blog. It’s expressing yourself, and you’re doing that perfectly.

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  3. Ste J says:

    Blogging is great and to get into it at such an early age is fantastic. Since I took it up I have travelled to the end of another continent to meet people and have chatted with models and university lecturers and now have a potential job offer coming through all thanks to being passionate about books.

    Keep writing, chatting and making friends and who know where the adventure will take you.

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