capturing motion

Photography has been something really cool that I’ve been exploring for the past few months, and these are a few photos that I’ve been wanting to share! All pictures were taken on a Canon SLR, and I’ll be giving credit to the respective photographers.

Some are ones that I’ve taken, while others are some that have been taken of me. ¬†Either way, I’m a fan of all of them.

The first is this gorgeous shot of my friend Barb caught in low light, and this is one of my favorites, and the next two are my shots too.


The picture below was caught backstage, and the flash captured the different ladders really nicely.


This picture below is definitely cool, because it captures my friend Vince slightly behind the curtain. ¬†This is called shallow depth of field, a technique I learned about in my photography class, and it’s controlled using aperture.

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