three resolutions

december 13, 2015

after over three months of being totally inactive, im back!! after all this time, i honestly doubt that anyone’s reading this but no matter!

apologies for the lack of posts — high school’s proven to be much more stressful than I anticipated..trimester 1 just ended and i’m beginning to realize i have my work cut out for me.

nonetheless, im here now, and after meeting some new and amazing people during these past few months at my new school, i’ve been inspired to try a few new things.  of course, i’ll start small.  but let’s see how it goes.  if there’s anything I learned, it’s to start small and to grow.

so here are my three simple new resolutions that hopefully i’ll keep up with until december 31st!

  1. end the year with a higher GPA than last trimester (yes, me being the nerd that has to start with school-related topics)
  2. do some type of exercise every day (this is going to be hard, but can’t hurt to try..)
  3. smile as often as possible:)) i want to be positive the next few days, no matter what goes on

It’s great to be active again, and I really hope my three resolutions stick!

’til next time,





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