top 5 diy secret santa ideas

searching for a last-minute secret santa gift? you’ve come to the right place.

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this post will offer seven different do-it-yourself ideas that are super cute and affordable, and range from very personal to i-barely-know-you-but-here’s-a-cute-gift.  whether you get a random person that you barely know, or one of your closest friends, there’s something for everyone on this list!

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note: some of these are more of a joke than a gift, so if that’s what you’re looking for, go for it!

1. instant hot chocolate

mm, i love hot chocolate and one trending gift these days is instant hot chocolate on a spoon/stick.  how easy is that? even if you don’t have a gift for culinary things, anyone can figure this one out.

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aspire to inspire // 3

hello hello,

after a lot of thinking and deliberating and, to be honest, procrastinating, i decided on my third ‘aspire to inspire’ post, and i’m going to keep it pretty short.

i’m devoting this post to all of the people out there who need someone to talk to.  more than anyone, i know exactly how it feels to just be alone in the world, feeling as if no one will understand or that no one really care.

my email’s on the bottom and please comment if you need just someone to talk to!!

– jennifer:)

ps: i know a few people who are starting their own blog, so be sure to look out for theirs when it comes out! i’ll be posting again to remind everyone to subscribe to them, but i’m really looking forward to their release.


three resolutions

december 13, 2015

after over three months of being totally inactive, im back!! after all this time, i honestly doubt that anyone’s reading this but no matter!

apologies for the lack of posts — high school’s proven to be much more stressful than I anticipated..trimester 1 just ended and i’m beginning to realize i have my work cut out for me.

nonetheless, im here now, and after meeting some new and amazing people during these past few months at my new school, i’ve been inspired to try a few new things.  of course, i’ll start small.  but let’s see how it goes.  if there’s anything I learned, it’s to start small and to grow.

so here are my three simple new resolutions that hopefully i’ll keep up with until december 31st!

  1. end the year with a higher GPA than last trimester (yes, me being the nerd that has to start with school-related topics)
  2. do some type of exercise every day (this is going to be hard, but can’t hurt to try..)
  3. smile as often as possible:)) i want to be positive the next few days, no matter what goes on

It’s great to be active again, and I really hope my three resolutions stick!

’til next time,