the future challenge

bonjour mes amis,

i can’t wait to share another challenge with you — in this case, the future challenge.

it’s pretty self-explanatory — this is a way for bloggers, even just people, to reach out and share what they want for their future.  i think it’s a great idea, and i’m glad i get to share this with you!!


quick rules before we start:

  1. thank the nominator!!
  2. share 5 things about your ideal future
  3. tag 5 bloggers so that they can share their goals
  4. link back to the creator of this tag, so she can read about it too!

so first things first: a big shoutout to katie, who tagged me to do this challenge.  her blog is so inspiring, so be sure to look at her blog!

next, here are the five things that i want for my future.  (i have a post just like this, so sorry if it gets repetitive; click here to check it out!)

1.  i want to somehow finish high school without totally making a fool of myself.  people call this the worst or best four years of your life, and as the first day of school is getting nearer and nearer, i’m getting a little nervous.  not just getting through high school, but with good grades, and to get into a good college….all that good stuff.

2. find…true love? eek, that sounded less corny in my head.  i’m hoping to find it someday with the right person…i’m cringing as i’m writing this.  but who knows, maybe someone who’s reading this right now will be the one. ;)

3. travel the world — not gonna lie, i’ve never been one of those people who spend the whole summer hiking in Switzerland.  but despite that, when i grow up, i want to get on a plane to europe with my best friends, and just travel.

4. i want to laugh as much as i can in the future.  laughing is a great thing – it’s a wonderful thing.  laughter is the best medicine, and honestly, i can’t imagine a world where i don’t laugh hysterically everyday.

5. be genuinely happy with myself and where i’ve been in life.  so that i can look back with no regrets and just smile. :))

now, for the five bloggers to tag:

and finally, another link to the original creator of the tag: dreamsandmoviescreens.  be sure to click the link and check out her blog too, it’s an amazing one.

and…i think that’s it! stay tuned for some more posts as i catch up from my vacation.

until next time,



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