aspire to inspire // 2

welcome back :))

i’m really sorry i missed my second monday in the series! (i know, i’m sorry!)

ok, so for my second aspire to inspire post, i wanted to talk about words.

in the harry potter series, dumbledore says:

“Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic, capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.”

there’s no denying that words are powerful, and i wanted to do a piece about how you can use them to your advantage.  i mean, there are so many people who have used words to their advantage, and people that formed revolutions through those words.

there are people that can change the world with their writing, and their speaking.  for instance, commencement speeches — famous for giving advice and insight of the future.  books and autobiographies — the silence of people who have suffered or triumphed finally broken.  it’s all there.

martin luther king, frederick douglas — known for their eloquence and way with words.  and then people such as ellen and jimmy fallon, making people laugh just through their personality.  and those are simply celebrities.  think of the average, everyday person that could achieve so much more just through their words, which is available to every single person.

and even better, writing doesn’t necessarily have to be spoken.  for people who aren’t great at public speaking, this is their chance to speak out with having to literally open their mouths.

people who would usually be looked down upon or not taken seriously can write; they can write all they want, and sometimes, that writing can take on whole new meaning.

and through this, i’m really hoping to put blogging to use and using the power of words to my advantage.

like dumbledore said, words are magic.  and with them, you can do so many things.  america fought for the first amendment, which is the freedom of speech, so that people could express themselves through whatever they deemed right to show how they truly felt.  it gave them a right to talk, to voice their thoughts, and that, is one of the most powerful things that anyone can do.

sorry for the short post! i’m cramming right now before heading off to virginia for a week, along with incomplete summer homework.

to see the power of words later, be sure to check the soon-to-be-released new blog post, “this i believe // part II”!

as always, thanks for reading :)

xoxo jennifer


4 thoughts on “aspire to inspire // 2

  1. ZIGMA says:

    Thanks a lot, I really enjoyed your piece and to wrap it up there are so many people out there that doesn’t know how powerful words are. I personally, I’m alive just because I know how powerful words are and I’ve been using it for my advantage.

    Liked by 1 person

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