this i believe // part I

is it possible to have blogger’s block? i’ve been blogging for less than a month, so this is a little sad, but hey, i’m still writing!

anyway, i haven’t blogging for a few days now, mainly because i had almost no ideas.  but here i am, and i ended up typing up a post that i was saving for later — it’s a bit premature, so i decided to make two parts.


for my summer assignment, i was told to write an essay about what i believe.  it’s a project known as “this i believe”, that started in npr.  (click here to check out the national public radio website)

this essay is all about what you believe in (shocker…i know).  but more than that, it’s about exploring a topic that you have a strong belief in.

the “this i believe” series is an actual thing — over tens of thousands of people have submitted their essays about what they believe.  it’s a nonprofit organization that’s dedicated to helping people share their views and what they believe.

so part I is about finding what believe.  unfortunately, i haven’t finished my essay and it’s due in a month….oops.  this part I is about brainstorming, and finding a good topic.

this essay is only like, 500 words, which is nothing.  so i need to use my words in the most efficient way i can.

so what do i believe in? well…

  • hopes + dreams
    • pretty sure everyone is writing there’s about this…so even though i do believe in this, i’m going to try to find another one.
  • everything happens for a reason
    • currently leaning towards this one, because i’m a big believer in fate and destiny, and that every small decision leads to where you go in the future.
  • power of words
    • when you’re antisocial and don’t have much to say, it’s important to take advantage of the times when you do get a chance to talk, so that you can actually make it mean something
  • significance of insignificance
    • ok, this one is sort of a downer, but it’s about how small you are in the universe around you, and how you may not be as important as you think.

these are just four of my ideas, and i’m hoping to choose one of these to write about it in my actual essay in part II.

so to all my followers/visitors/stalkers, please (i legitimately just want to know what you think) comment below about what you believe! it’s something that i would love to read about, so let me know what you believe in. :)

stay posted for part II!



16 thoughts on “this i believe // part I

  1. Bill says:

    I especially like the idea of significance of insignificance. When one digs deep, even insignificance can be the guiding light of something or something significant. Good luck on your writing.

    Liked by 1 person

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