the dragon’s loyalty award :))

hey everyone!

i don’t think i’ve been so excited about something in a long time, so i’m so happy that i get to share this with you!

i’ve been nominated for the dragon’s loyalty award by two people, and here i am to complete it!

_ _ _

so here are some quick rules before we go on:

  • thank the nominators
  • include the award logo
  • state seven facts about yourself
  • nominate a few other bloggers

_ _ _

so first, i have to thank the nominators.  i’m so grateful to them: thalia, who honestly has an incredible blog, i love all her posts so much, and emily, whose blog is so inspiring, and her posts are brilliant — please check out their blogs for me!! :)

next, the dragon’s award picture:


now: i gotta write seven facts about myself…which is going to be almost as painful as those icebreaker activities that we all have to do on the first day of school…

  1. my zodiac sign is a sagittarius, and i was born on december 19th.  (btw, if you were wondering, which you weren’t, jake gyllenhaal was also born on that day ;))
  2. when i was little, i wanted to be a singer and i had a dream of being on broadway which was ironic because…(look below)
  3. i can’t sing for my life, which is why i now play the violin, an instrument that was a bit more fitting for someone like me.
  4. i’m rather unphotogenic so even when i’m smiling, i always look like i’m caught by surprise, which is unfortunate on school picture days.
  5. i’m obsessed with glee – it’s an amazing show.  watch it
  6. my left foot is slightly bigger than my right one, which makes for awful shoe shopping experiences.
  7. i have an essay due for school on the first day, and i still haven’t started it yet…#oops

you didn’t need to know any of that….but that’s ok :))

and finally, everyone’s favorite part! the nominations:

the people above are really loyal to my blog, their comments and likes are always popping up, and it means a lot to me whenever i see a new follow or like, so thanks to all of you for being there for me <3

this just made my day, so thank you again (for like the fifth time) to the nominators and the nominees and everyone who ever looked at my blog in general.

i feel great right now, so thanks guys, love you :)

xoxo jenni


26 thoughts on “the dragon’s loyalty award :))

  1. Zovesta says:

    Thanks so much for the nomination, I really appreciate it! <3 I really enjoy reading your blog! =)

    Ugh, I feel you so hard on the one foot bigger than the other… my bigger foot is my left one, too! It's absolute hell because my feet are already really big (they vary from being 9.5 and 9 to 10.5 and 11. =|), so shoe shopping is already a nuisance. Ack!

    Better get to work on that essay!

    Liked by 1 person

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