september struggles

as i’ve been mentioning often lately, i’m going to a new school this september – bergen academies. i’ve been talking about it a lot, and i know it’s probably getting on your nerves but you’ll just have to stick it out for one more post – sorry.

okay, so if you don’t know anything about the school i’m going to, let’s just say it has an extremely vigorous academic program – and that’s an understatement.  the academics are pretty tough, not to mention that everyone there got in by an intense selection process. my school day starts at 6:30 am when the bus comes to pick me up, and ends at around 5:30 pm when the bus drops me off.  that’s almost a twelve hour workday — not an easy load.  i don’t think most adults work that long…alright.

(that picture above is literally me, by the way.)

i’m not bragging about my school or talking about how tough it is just to make bca look better, but i’m actually just letting you know about my life for the next four years :/  bergen academies is known for being that nerd school, because everyone’s smart there, and if i were to be honest, most of them are also asian — don’t even start with the jokes because i’m pretty sure i’ve heard them all.

and in spite of that, there’s even more — as a freshman, i have to make new friends.  and as a person who stays in the corner during parties and doesn’t talk much, making friends isn’t exactly my forte.  (just kidding but seriously — team antisocial for the win.)

okay, so those are officially my september struggles, but this post wasn’t just about complaining.  despite all these struggles, i’m looking forward to september; i can’t wait to actually go to BCA.  and in fact, i’m looking forward to creating friendships.  even though i mentioned that i wasn’t very social, i somehow managed to make some new friends this summer.

in light of these new friends, i’m giving a few shoutouts to jess and liv.  they both have blogs themselves, and, you guessed it, they’re going to school with me in september.  both of them are super sweet, and they’re honestly amazing. be sure to check out their blogs by clicking the links on their names above!

be sure to share your own september struggles in the comments, and as always, i hope you let me know what you think below :)

until next time,



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