aspire to inspire // 1

hey everyone!

i’ve decided to start up my own series, Aspire to Inspire.  even though i originally wanted to post on a weekly basis, i figured it would be a little easier to post on a slightly erratic routine (just because life sometimes gets in the way of things :/)

anyone can copy and paste quotes from google and write a short excerpt, but to actually write something that has meaning not only to the writer AND the readers — that’s special. i’m really hoping that mine will be like that, so fingers crossed :)

so for my very first inspiration post, i’d like to discuss the actual definition of inspiration.  you can’t go diving into something if you don’t know what you’re diving into.

according to merriam webster, inspiration is: “a divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.”

“a divine influence or action” — wait a sec, am i supposed to be that divine influence? let’s make it clear, i’m not better than anyone else reading this.  inspiration doesn’t have to necessarily come from a world hero or someone from a higher place, it can come from anyone with the power of words and actions.

“on a person believed to qualify him or her” — yes, you would be that person.  you, the reader, are believed to be qualified, which means you should feel very special :)

“to receive and communicate sacred revelation.” — well i wouldn’t call it sacred revelation, but definitely food for thought, as my english teacher always called it.  if not inspiring, i hope that it at least makes people think.

so what’s the point of this post? all in all, inspiration is giving food for thought, making people think a little differently about the world around them.  before i started my series, i wanted to make my first post about really understanding my goal and what i’m going to write about.

this was the first post of Aspire to Inspire, and i hope that every post after this one is better than the last.  i can’t wait to continue it, and please let me know what you thought of this!

as always, ily all! thanks for reading :))


ps: the phrase ‘aspire to inspire’ is based off something my friend, Madi, said.  be sure to check out her own blog here :)


12 thoughts on “aspire to inspire // 1

  1. Blogs For You x says:

    I love this idea, I would love to do something like this since I love inspiring others. But I’ll understand if you didn’t want me using your idea x I would definitely give credit though. Your blogs are awesome. I’ll definitely give you a follow now x

    Liked by 1 person

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