list of lists

lists are a beautiful thing – they put all your thoughts into one single place. i started out this summer by making more lists than you could imagine. i found it strangely calming. (fun fact about moi: i’m probably one of the most stressed out people you will ever meet – but hey, i’m working on it)

now, as the very stressed student that i am, i have a packet of lists on my desk. they vary from my dreams and goals list (hint hint: upcoming blog post?) to the movies i want to see list. so to start off my lists, i figured i would share my list of lists.

the following list consists of 15 lists that will make your life a little less chaotic.  this is my go to list, because this is where i get inspiration for all my other lists.  so i figured, why not start with this one?

of course, this is a slightly shortened list because of the fact that some are just not interesting, or they’re a repeat..  these are the ones i thought you guys would like so enjoy!! i left some thoughts of my own under some, and feel free to leave your thoughts too in the comments!

  • dreams
    • coming up soon! i have very big dreams, let’s just see whether i’ll get there or not (fingers crossed!)
  • good books
    • a must – read books list is always growing! i’m a big fan of reading, and this is an absolute must! you’d be surprised how fast i go through all my books…
  • productive things
    • the absolutely dreaded list of things that actually are worth your time.  disclaimer: once you begin this list, you begin to realize that your life is much more useless than you thought.
  • what makes me happy / comforts
    • just like julie andrews, i have a list of my favorite things.  is that corny? …don’t answer that.
  • places i want to go
    • rome, paris, los angeles, vienna – the list never ends.  and it’s always a good list to have in case you have a spontaneous moment and decide to travel around the world.
  • people i admire
    • role models are always good to have — it gives you something to model yourself after and to look up to.  i use this whenever i need a little hope and think, hey, what would (insert person admired) do in this situation?
  • things i want to be known for
    • when people first meet me, what do i want them to think? do they think i’m funny? nice? mean? stuck up? if you write it out, you’ll realize that what you think about yourself will often reflect to your first impression.
  • movies to watch
    • whether i’m having a girls night out with my friends or some quality time with netflix, it’s always a good idea to have a list of movies you’ve been dying to watch.
  • things to try / learn
    • for instance, i’ve always wanted to learn swedish (it’s a long story, that’s another blog post) but if you’re anything like me and you have an inner (or outer) nerd, be sure to jot down things that you want to try (ex: bungee jumping), or learn someday.
  • facts about me
    • perhaps an upcoming blog post? this definitely prepares you for those icebreaker games at school that leave you awkwardly standing with no fun fact about yourself.
  • things to do with someone i love
    • IF (big if there) i ever were to get a special someone, there are a few things i would want to do with them, and it’s always handy to have a list.
  • gift ideas
    • this saves so much time when you awkwardly forget your best friend’s birthday and you have to get her a last minute present (!! highly recommend this one)
  • broadway musicals i want to see
    • i am obsessed with broadway and i’m always on the lookout for the best musicals to watch.  (ironic because i can’t sing for my life but…)
  • how can i do it better?
    • the founder of HP said this, and my literary analysis teacher taught me about it.  no matter what, this applies to everything — there’s always a way to do something better.
  • nicest thing anyone ever said to me
    • this is absolutely best morale boost — no matter what it was, whether it was a “good morning” or “you look great today”, by writing the little things down, it makes you feel so much better.

let me know what you think of my lists below, and i hope you enjoyed my first list of lists!

until next time,



14 thoughts on “list of lists

  1. Zovesta says:

    I’m a big list person too, but I think you just outdid me! What great things to keep lists of. =) I think a list of your favourite things is precious, not corny! ;) A friend recommend keeping a list of all the nice things people have said to you to me years ago, and I’ve done it off and on ever since. It really is such a great mood lifter!

    Liked by 1 person

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