goals for myself

hey everyone, happy last day of july!

today, i want to discuss numbers. not just any numbers — fractions.

tomorrow marks the start of a new month: august.  at the end of august, the year is 8/12 over. simplify the fraction, and that means 2/3 of 2015 is over by the end of this month.

(i’m a math geek, i know.  it’s best to just accept it at this point and go with it.)

before going on with 2015, i thought i would share my hopes, goals, and dreams for the future.

the following includes my Top 7 Goals for Myself list, which is a list more geared toward what i want to be as a person and how i want to change myself in the next few years to come.

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aspire to inspire // 1

hey everyone!

i’ve decided to start up my own series, Aspire to Inspire.  even though i originally wanted to post on a weekly basis, i figured it would be a little easier to post on a slightly erratic routine (just because life sometimes gets in the way of things :/)

anyone can copy and paste quotes from google and write a short excerpt, but to actually write something that has meaning not only to the writer AND the readers — that’s special. i’m really hoping that mine will be like that, so fingers crossed :)

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list of lists

lists are a beautiful thing – they put all your thoughts into one single place. i started out this summer by making more lists than you could imagine. i found it strangely calming. (fun fact about moi: i’m probably one of the most stressed out people you will ever meet – but hey, i’m working on it)

now, as the very stressed student that i am, i have a packet of lists on my desk. they vary from my dreams and goals list (hint hint: upcoming blog post?) to the movies i want to see list. so to start off my lists, i figured i would share my list of lists.

the following list consists of 15 lists that will make your life a little less chaotic.  this is my go to list, because this is where i get inspiration for all my other lists.  so i figured, why not start with this one?

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madeleines recipe

hey everyone,

i thought i would share one of my all time favorites, madeleines! my mom and i bake often, and we’ve made all sorts of cookies and decorations but this one is a classic.

madeleines – a french butter cake basically, and they’re scalloped on one side, with the edges.  the pan is needed to bake these are made especially for madeleines, and the shell shape is what makes the madeleine so recognizable.  underneath is the recipe that i use for my madeleines:

Image result for madeleines

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just me


pc: kate lee

so yes, this would be me.

i didn’t take this picture, so proper picture creds go to my sister.  she finally agreed to take a few shots of me sitting on the steps outside of my apartment.  im hoping to post more photos that ill take myself in the future, so stay posted!

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